Gentle in My Being

even if You aren’t here

gentle in My being

I know You are quietly


does it have to be this way?

surrender to this feeling

the comfort You give me is

a barrier

I’m holding You to something

promised Me just one thing

that day is approaching

when You ask Me why

now I’m lost forgive Me

promise You’re still with Me

(but) if You never leave

how can I say goodbye?

this moment’s fleeting breathing on

the everlasting circle

forgives and forgets

and takes you gently

You said something You didn’t mean

gentle in My being

You taught Me how to take

a beating

is it gonna be okay?

I need Your guarantee that

this won’t be something that I


now I’ve found My place I’m

closing in on something

I’m getting too close to You

to survive

gentle in My being

out from underneath me

comes everything in me

just to say goodbye